Access to Tokyo Cultural Heritage

A league of Japanese professional artisans, performing artists, and food specialists for providing traditional cultural contents and experiences to high-end business clients

TOKYO HERITAGE PARTNERS (DHP) is a partnership of groups and organizations of professional performing artists, artisans and food specialists working in the various sectors of Japanese cultural heritage in Tokyo and its adjacent areas. We formed THP to represent each partner’s interest in providing Japanese traditional crafts, content, and experiences to high-end business clients overseas such as luxury shops, Japanese restaurants, and foreign travel agencies(FTAs). We also work for domestic travel agencies, hotels and educational institutions. Collaborating with our partners and its network, THP provides high-end/authentic cultural resources and programs to fulfill the needs of our clients. 

Our Domain

Tokyo Heritage Partners is ready to provide various content throughout Japanese traditional culture. Our partners and their network will fulfill the needs of clients for planning unique and authentic experiences in Tokyo. 

Crafts and Arts

We work with a wide range of artisans in traditional crafts and art: kimonos, jewelry, cutlery, musical instruments, lacquerware, etc.

Performing Arts

We have many professional performing artists in Japanese traditional arts: tea ceremonies, Ikebana, calligraphy, music (koto, shamisen, etc.), dance, rakugo, etc. 

Food and Lifestyle

We have access to various manufacturers of traditional Japanese food and beverages: miso, sake, soy sauce, tofu, sweets, tsukemono, etc.

Our Consortium

Tokyo Heritage Partners is a consortium between selected groups and organizations working in the field of traditional Japanese culture, led by TOKYO FABHUB. We also have many top-class individuals and workshops within our network. 


East Tokyo Traditional Artisans

Performing Artists

Rojicoya Traditional Performing Artists

Food Specialists

Food Life Scholars

Business & Trade



What We Provide

Cultural Experiences

Discovery & Learning


Business & Trade

Fair Trade

Tokyo Heritage Partners will conduct business on the “Fair Trade” concept. We aim to preserve the cultural heritage and encourage young generations to succeed and evolve the tradition. Furthermore, we support our partners to continue their activities with good social and economic appreciation.

Our Policy

  • We work on the basis of mutual trust and respect.